It takes approximately 10 business days for standard processing from the date your FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and/or PA State Grant correspondence is received. In some instances, the processing time may take longer than anticipated. PHEAA will send you a notice upon completion of your review. You may also visit your online account periodically to see if your eligibility has been updated. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work diligently to process your review.

Get started now to apply/renew for a PA State Grant:

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Need more assistance on the process? Follow the two simple steps below:

Step Instructions
Step 1

Complete the FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Step 2

Apply for the PA State Grant by completing the PA State Grant Form (SGF)

To apply for a PA State Grant when you complete the FAFSA
Complete the SGF online directly from your FAFSA confirmation page. Look for the link that reads "Start your state application to apply for Pennsylvania state-based financial aid."

To apply for a PA State Grant after you've completed the FAFSA
If you've already submitted your FAFSA online and missed the direct link, you may need to wait until you receive an email directing you to the American Education Services (AES) website to complete the SGF.

Most renewal students are not required to complete the SGF.

Note: If you don't have an online account with AES, you can create one during the PA State Grant application process.

PA State Grant Deadlines

The PA State Grant deadlines are different for first-time applicants, renewal applicants, and summer-term applicants.

Applicant Type Deadlines
First-time applicants

May 1—If you plan to enroll in a degree program or a college transferable program at a 2-year private college or other college or university (excludes community colleges and designated Pennsylvania Open-Admission institutions), you must submit the FAFSA and the PA State Grant Form.

August 1—If you plan to enroll in a community college; a designated Pennsylvania Open-Admission institution; a business, trade, or technical school; a hospital school of nursing; or a 2-year program that is not transferable to another institution; you must submit the FAFSA and the PA State Grant Form.

Renewal applicants

May 1—You must submit a renewal FAFSA and any appropriate PA State Grant documents indicating any changes that may affect your PA State Grant award, such as a change in your marital status or a change in your income.

Summer-term applicants

August 15—You must submit the online PA Summer Grant application. If not already on file, you must also submit the FAFSA and, if required, the PA State Grant Form.

If you miss the PA State Grant deadline for the academic year, apply anyway. Late applications (for terms other than summer) may qualify for awards if funding permits.