Financial Aid Resources for Parents & Students


These resources are designed to assist in providing information on the entire financial aid process, including completing the FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Find everything you need to know about paying for higher education.

Filing the FAFSA adds up to $$$ for college.

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Get help with filling out the FAFSA with these basic tips and answers to common questions.

Learn more and get information about the PA 529 College Savings Program.

FAFSA Technical Tips – reminders and tips to assist with the FAFSA application.

This one-sheeter goes over eligibility, searching and applying for scholarships.

Check out PA’s low-cost way to pay for higher education.

Review our FAQ to get answers on how to sign up for one of our many informative webinars.

Filing the FAFSA adds up to $$$ for college.

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2021-22 PA Student Aid Guide

Everything you NEED to KNOW about

How to pay for college!

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