We will no longer send Employment Certification Listings to employers to verify selected nurses’ employment.

Instead, we will send selected nurses whose employment has not yet been verified a form that they should take to their employer for completion. We will email the form in July.

Contact slrn@pheaa.org if you receive an Employment Certification form, have multiple employers, and are unsure which employer needs to complete the form. In order to verify your identity, you must provide the last 4 digits of your Social Security number (SSN), full name, full date of birth, and email address (on file) in the body of the email.

If your loan servicer changed since you submitted your loan verification documentation, find out what steps you need to take next.

(Updated July 18, 2023)

The COVID-19 Nursing Workforce Initiative (NWI) was unveiled in September 2021 with the aim of providing greater support to Pennsylvania nurses amidst the immense challenges of the pandemic.

As part of the NWI, the SLRN Program will be created and administered by PHEAA for the purpose of benefiting nurses who are residents of the Commonwealth and licensed by the PA Department of State to work at a qualified nursing facility during the pandemic.

Qualified SLRN applicants could be selected to receive student loan relief of up to $2,500 for each year of work (beginning with 2020) for no more than 3 years, with a maximum benefit of $7,500.

  • Apply

    Learn what is needed to apply for the program.

  • Eligibility

    Determine who may be eligible to receive student loan relief.

  • Selection

    Learn how candidates are selected for participation.

  • SLRN PROGRAM FAQ (Revised 4/6/2023)

    Find some answers to common questions about the program.

You don't have to pay for assistance to receive student loan relief through the SLRN Program!

There are companies misrepresenting the facts about themselves to get your business and your money. Be aware of the warning signs that a company may not have your best interest in mind. Be cautious of companies that:

  • Request a fee before they will assist you with your loans and ask you to provide them your credit card information or debit card information.
  • Use taglines such as "New Laws Forgiving Federal Student Loans" and "Get Rid of Student Loan Debt!" and urge you to act quickly because the loan forgiveness program is ending soon and you will forfeit your rights to the benefits.
  • Ask you to sign over power of attorney or other third-party authorization so they can make changes to your account.
  • Request you do not contact PHEAA while they are working on your behalf.
  • Promise to cancel your student loan debt, lower your monthly payment immediately, or provide instant relief from wage garnishment or default.
  • Ask you to provide your logon credentials (user ID and password) to access your account online.

PHEAA will not contact you regarding the information listed above.