PA Act 101 Program

The PA Act 101 (Act 101) Program is a state-funded program which allocates funds to Pennsylvania postsecondary institutions that operate an approved Act 101 program. The funds support services to academically and financially disadvantaged students to assist them in successfully completing postsecondary study.

New Institutions

To be eligible, institutions must:

  • Be located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • Be authorized to grant degrees.
  • Be currently operating a support program (for a minimum of one year) that serves at least 40 students who would qualify under Act 101 guidelines.

To apply, schools must submit a completed 2024-25 Act 101 New Institution Application (PDF) by June 30, 2024.

After the application is approved by PHEAA, schools will need to submit:

  • A Participation Agreement (PDF)
  • A projected budget for the institution's next Act 101 Program year, beginning July 1
  • An Automated Clearing House (ACH) Form for electronic fund transfer

Renewal Schools

Postsecondary institutions currently participating in the Act 101 Program year must submit a completed 2024-25 Act 101 Renewal Application (PDF) by June 30, 2024 in order to participate during the next academic year.

A new Participation Agreement is not required for schools currently participating in the Act 101 Program.