• Prepare

    Keep your stress level low—know your deadlines, gather your documents, and get organized. You can also register for one of our FAFSA webinars.

  • Apply or Renew

    Fill out the FAFSA once and simply update it every year that you need aid. The fastest, easiest way to apply or renew is online.

  • After You Apply or Renew

    Find out what you can expect after you apply or renew your FAFSA.


    Find answers to some common questions about the FAFSA.

Did You Know?

  • Be wary of organizations that charge a fee to assist you with the FAFSA. Much of the same help is available for free from your school, the U.S. Department of Education, and PHEAA.
  • Not all financial aid offers are the same. Compare schools' financial aid offers carefully.
  • Part-time students are eligible for most types of aid. However, some federal, state-sponsored, and institutional programs require full-time enrollment.