A New FAFSA is Coming in December

Students can begin to apply for financial aid for 2024-25 by filling out the FAFSA in December. Usually, the FAFSA is available to complete as of October 1. This year, due to FAFSA Simplification, the application will be delayed.

To prepare, check to see if your FSA ID account is ready. Existing customers may also need to set up two-step verification during the login process.

  • Prepare

    Keep your stress level low—know your deadlines, gather your documents, and get organized. You can also register for one of our FAFSA webinars.

  • Apply or Renew

    Fill out the FAFSA once and simply update it every year that you need aid. The fastest, easiest way to apply or renew is online.

  • After You Apply or Renew

    Find out what you can expect after you apply or renew your FAFSA.


    Find answers to some common questions about the FAFSA.

Did You Know?

  • Be wary of organizations that charge a fee to assist you with the FAFSA. Much of the same help is available for free from your school, the U.S. Department of Education, and PHEAA.
  • Not all financial aid offers are the same. Compare schools' financial aid offers carefully.
  • Part-time students are eligible for most types of aid. However, some federal, state-sponsored, and institutional programs require full-time enrollment.