PA New Economy Technology Scholarship (NETS) Program FAQ


Do I need to notify anyone if I move?

Yes. You are required to keep the NETS Program informed of any changes to your name, address, and telephone number during the term of your NETS scholarship and during any periods of employment, deferment, and repayment.

Can I appeal PHEAA's decision on my NETS eligibility?

Yes, write a letter explaining in detail why you think PHEAA should make an exception in your case. Include your name, address, account number, and signature.

Send the letter within 60 days of the date you received the denial notice:

New Economy Technology Scholarship Program
PA State Grant and Special Programs
P.O. Box 8157
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8157

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Employment Obligation

Must my employment relate directly to my major in order to fulfill my NETS work obligation?

You must work full time in a field that relates to one of the approved NETS programs of study. Teaching is only an approved NETS field of employment if you are teaching in a field related to a NETS program of study.

If you have questions concerning approved employment, contact us by email at or by telephone at 1-800-692-7392.

Does teaching in an approved field of study meet the NETS work obligation?

Yes. Teaching in your approved major or an approved NETS program of study meets the post-graduation work requirement. However, education is not an approved program of study for NETS.

How do you calculate the duration of my work obligation?

When you receive a SciTech or Technology Scholarship, you agree to work full time (as defined by your employer) for:

  • 12 Months—For each full-time academic year (2 semesters or 3 quarters) award
  • 6 Months—For each full-time semester award (prorated for a part-time award)
  • 4 Months—For each full-time quarter award (prorated for a part-time award)
Can I go to graduate school before I start my work obligation in Pennsylvania?

If you received a SciTech Scholarship, you are required to begin full-time employment within 1 year after you finish your undergraduate studies. However, you can request a deferment of the NETS work obligation if you start full-time graduate study within 1 year after you receive your bachelor's degree.

You can extend this deferment up to 6 years as long as you remain enrolled full time in graduate school.

If I received a Technology Scholarship, is it OK if I decide to work toward a bachelor's degree? Would I then be considered for a SciTech Scholarship?

Yes. If you received a Technology Scholarship while you were enrolled in a program less than 4 years in length, you can still receive a SciTech Scholarship if you decide to pursue a bachelor's degree. Your enrollment must be consecutive, and you must apply as a renewal applicant.

Must I live in Pennsylvania during my work obligation?

No. Although your job location must be in Pennsylvania, you are not required to live in Pennsylvania while you fulfill the work obligation.

What if I can't find qualifying work in Pennsylvania within 1 year after I graduate?

If you have made a thorough, consistent effort to find qualifying work during the 1 year following graduation, write to PHEAA and explain the situation.

What happens to my scholarship if I fail to fulfill the work obligation?

If you fail to fulfill the requirements, your scholarship will convert to a loan that you must repay with interest. PHEAA will contact you in writing to advise you of the repayment terms.

Interest may be assessed daily from the date you lost eligibility at the annual rate of 8%. You must begin repayment after a 6-month grace.

You may defer repayment while you are enrolled as a full-time undergraduate, but you must provide verification. Contact us to discuss other possible deferment options.

I want to voluntarily convert my grant into a loan. Is this possible?

You may voluntarily convert your grant into a loan. In order to do so, please submit a letter via U.S. mail or via email that includes your SSN or 10-digit account number, your wish to convert your grant, and your signature.