Financial Aid Resources for Counselors & Partners

Financial Aid Night Toolkit

Hosting or attending a financial aid event? Our toolkit can help. With the click of a mouse you can have everything you need, courtesy of PHEAA.

Promotional Video

Share our video to help you promote financial aid events.


Print our flyers and distribute copies around school to advertise your event’s date, time, and location.

Social Post

Add our social post to your school's website to further promote the financial aid event.

FAN Fillable Post Card & FAN+FAFSA Combined Fillable Postcard

These FREE postcards will further help promote your event - simply add the date and time of your event and send them out approximately 1 month before your event.

College Planning Timeline

Let students and families know what to expect in their senior year with our college planning timeline.

Planning a Financial Aid Awareness Program

Use our tips and ideas to plan a successful financial aid awareness program at your school.

Department of Education Resources

Find out how to develop and carry out an event for your students and their parents.

Reminder for Parents

Use our customizable message in an email or newsletter to remind families of approaching financial aid events and deadlines.

Morning Announcement Scripts

Remind students about financial aid events with our brief morning announcement messages.

Newspaper Press Release

Advertise your school's upcoming financial aid nights by including our customizable news release in your school's newspaper, newsletter, or local news outlet.

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