Training Events

2021-22 PA State Grant and Special Programs Webinars

PHEAA offers you the opportunity to develop your proficiency in administering state financial aid programs through the PA State Grant and Special Programs (SGSP) Webinar Series. For the 2021-22 Academic Year, this series of live-streamed events is designed to provide postsecondary institutions and other external partners a review of new and existing program policies, as well as explanations on utilizing certain PHEAA technical resources for efficient program management.

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Please note the webinar schedule is subject to change and sessions may be recorded and made publicly available.

Veterans, servicemembers, and their families have traditionally received special consideration through many of Pennsylvania’s financial aid programs. Access to a postsecondary education can open doors to new career opportunities for those with military training and experience. Join us for an overview of the many PHEAA-administered special programs available to past and present Pennsylvania military members and their families.

TIME: 10:00 AM (ET)

On an annual basis, PHEAA collects postsecondary institutional costs to aid in calculating PA State Grant award amounts. Due to varying enrollment situations that students may pursue, a student could incur tuition and fee charges that vary from the figures initially reported to PHEAA. Join PA State Grant and Special Programs staff as we explore the policies surrounding our educational cost collection process and the submission of cost overrides for students with a PA State Grant award.

TIME: 10:00 AM (ET)

In this competitive hiring market, employers need all the edge they can get. One of the ways you can attract valuable talent is by offering positions that qualify for PA State Work-Study Program (SWSP). This program offers Pennsylvania college students an opportunity to earn while they learn. Join PA State Grant and Special Programs staff as we discuss the requirements, and rewards, of participating in this Commonwealth program. Build your organization and Pennsylvania’s work force at the same time!

TIME: 10:00 AM (ET)

In May 2022, the 2021-22 Institutional Assistance Grants (IAG) Program Certification Listing will be made available for participating schools to review and certify. This listing is critical to determining a final per capita amount for the program and any additional disbursements that may be owed to an institution. To assist schools with accurate and timely processing of their IAG Certification Listing, PHEAA staff will review the program’s policies and procedures in this session. If you are a financial aid officer at an IAG institution, don’t miss this session!

TIME: 10:00 AM (ET)

For information about the 2022-23 PA State Grant workshops, please check back in late Spring 2022. We also invite you to check out the webinar training calendar for other PHEAA online events or contact us (PDF) to discuss SGSP training opportunities your organization may need. Presentation slides and other self-service materials, such as program guidelines, FAQs, etc., are available on the Resources and Training page and in the Document Library.