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Where can I find an application for the PA Student Loan Relief for Nurses (SLRN) Program? (Updated 1/13/2022)

Download the SLRN Program Application (PDF) and apply today!

Can I decide what loans are paid? (Added 1/13/2022)

Yes. You can select which loans to apply the SLRN payments. Under the “Loan Information” on the SLRN application, list your loans in the order you would like payments applied. For example, if you would like the payments applied to Loan A, Loan A should be listed first in the “Loan Information” section of the SLRN application.

Where can I find my employer’s EIN? (Added 1/13/2022)

Your employer’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Tax ID can be found in Box B of your W-2 form.

What if the name on my SLRN application does not match the name associated with my nursing license? (Added 1/13/2022)

Depending on the circumstance surrounding the name discrepancy, a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order should be included with your SLRN application.

What if I have one student loan but it was made up of numerous disbursements, how should the “Loan Information” section of the application be completed? (Added 1/13/2022)

All disbursement dates associated with the student loan should be listed under the “Loan Information” section of the application. The disbursement dates can typically be found by logging into your online account for your student loan servicer.

What if I am still working at my employer, what end date should I use? (Added 1/13/2022)

When completing the “Employer Information” section of the SLRN application and you are still working for your employer, enter “present” or “current” for the End Date.

Do I need to provide any additional documentation with my application, like from my employer or a copy of my nursing license? (Added 1/13/2022)

No additional documentation is needed when submitting your application. PHEAA will reach out to your employer directly to verify employment requirements. Nursing Licenses will be verified through the PA Licensing System (PALS). PHEAA will contact your student loan servicers to verify loan status. If subsequent documentation is required, PHEAA will reach out to you directly.

HR did not provide me with a contact name? (Added 1/20/2022)

If the HR department did not provide you with an HR contact, an email and phone number of the HR department is sufficient.

Who is my loan servicer? (Added 1/20/2022)

PHEAA is unable to provide you with the name of your loan servicer, contact the company you make loan payments to monthly.

How do I contact PHEAA to confirm my application was received? (Added 1/20/2022)

Due to the overwhelming response to the SLRN Program, PHEAA is receiving a high number of applications. Applications are being reviewed in the order they were received, and an email confirmation of receipt will be sent to applicants that include a valid, legible email address. Please allow 7-10 business days for receipt of email confirmation for faxed applications. Applications sent through postal mail may take longer.

Where do I submit my application? (Added 1/20/2022)

The deadline to return an application for the SLRN Program is March 1, 2022. Complete applications can be submitted via fax at (717) 720-3786 and must be submitted as one document or via mail to:

PA Student Loan Relief for Nurses Program
P.O. BOX 8157
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8157

The quickest method to return your application is via fax.

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What type of nurse is eligible for the SLRN Program? (Added 1/13/2022)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • License Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
  • Certified Nurse Midwife (RN)
What is considered a qualifying nursing facility? (Updated 1/20/2022)

A qualifying nursing facility includes but is not limited to assisted living residences, home care agencies, home health care agencies, hospitals, living independence for the elderly programs, long-term care facilities, personal care homes, pre-K through 12 education facilities, primary health care facilities, postsecondary education facilities, correctional facilities, COVID-19 testing sites/centers, dialysis centers, Department of Health, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, hospices, outpatient facilities, urgent care facilities, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, and private employers with onsite employee medical care.

Does my employer have to certify my employment annually?

PHEAA will contact your employers annually to verify you met the eligibility requirements for the previous qualifying calendar year.

Does unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons provided under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) count toward the required employment hours?

Yes. Unpaid leave due to medical and/or family reasons provided under FMLA will count toward the required 1,250 hours across the qualifying 12-month calendar year.

What if I work part time for several employers?

Part-time employment for several employers during a calendar year can be combined to be considered full-time employment as long as the combined hours equal at least 1,250 hours across the qualifying calendar year.

Is a traveling nurse eligible?

Yes. A traveling nurse is eligible provided their employment is certified by an employer located within the Commonwealth of PA and the majority of their travel territory is certified within the Commonwealth of PA.

What if I change jobs?

If your place of employment changed during the qualifying calendar year, each employer will be required to certify you met the eligibility requirements during the time period you were employed.

What if I move out of Pennsylvania?

Participation in the SLRN Program requires nurses to be residents of Pennsylvania. If you no longer reside in Pennsylvania, you will no longer be eligible to receive the financial incentive.

What is considered qualifying student loan debt?

Qualifying student loans include both federal and private education student loans. Student loans must be in good standing as of the date of the application and date of the annual relief payment with the exception of those which entered default during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can this student loan relief be used for my private education loans?

Yes. Both private education and federal student loans are considered qualifying student loans. However, Parent PLUS loans are not eligible.

How will a student loan relief payment be received?

If you are selected and certified for participation in the SLRN Program, payments made on your outstanding student loan balances will be made payable directly to your loan servicers.

What if I consolidated my loans? (Added 1/20/2022)

Many consolidated loans are eligible for SLRN Program as long as the underlying loans were taken out for the purposes of participating in a nursing program. If you are unsure if your loan qualifies, provide your loan information in the "Loan Information" section of the application and if selected for participation in the program, PHEAA will verify loan eligibility with your servicer.

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How are candidates selected for participation?

If program demand exceeds funding, the award process will randomly select eligible applicants in a manner that ensures geographic distribution across the state.

How will I be notified that I have been selected to receive loan relief through the program?

Applicants will be sent communication throughout the entire process of applying for the SLRN Program. However, communication concerning selection into the program will not be sent until the application deadline has passed and recipient selection has been completed.

If I am eligible and selected, do I still need to make payments on my loans?

Participation in the SLRN Program does not change an applicant’s obligation to remain current and in good standing with their loan servicers. Applicants are encouraged to contact their loan servicers with any questions regarding continued payments while enrolled in the SLRN Program.

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How will I know that a SLRN payment has been made on my student loan? (Added 1/13/2022)

Communication will be sent to applicants who are approved to receive student loan relief advising that a payment will be scheduled to their student loan servicers. Additionally, communication will be sent once payment has been sent to their loan servicer. Applicants are encouraged to follow up with their loan servicers with any questions regarding payments made to their accounts.

If you are making a lump sum payment for me, will this impact other repayment program/loan forgiveness/loan discharge I am enrolled in? (Added 1/13/2022)

The application of a single payment may affect your repayment program or your progress towards loan forgiveness or discharge under various programs, including Public Service Loan Forgiveness. You are encouraged to review the benefits available to you on each loan which may receive SLRN payments, either with your lender or servicer, before submitting an application for the SLRN Program. For additional information about loan forgiveness or discharge available to borrowers of federal loans, see For additional information about private education loan forgiveness or discharge, contact your lender.

Are SLRN payments taxable? (Added 1/13/2022)

There may be federal, state, and local tax consequences associated with the SLRN payments. Applicants are responsible for seeking the advice of their own tax advisors and are responsible for their own tax liability that may arise because of the SLRN payments.

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