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Work-Study Employment Program Update

The Pennsylvania General Assembly appropriates funds to PHEAA for the Pennsylvania State Grant and other programs. PHEAA has reviewed the actions of the General Assembly and the Governor. We are working to confirm awards and/or disburse funds for the current 2015-16 Academic Year as quickly as possible. Please note that this affects all state and federal programs administered by PHEAA.

State Work-Study Pays. Earn money & experience.

Pennsylvania has its own State Work-Study Program outside of Federal Work-Study. The program is open to all PA students, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements. This is an additional opportunity to earn money for school and experience for the real world.

The State Work-Study Program is a great option for Pennsylvania students:

Did You Know?

The State Work-Study Program is a PHEAA-administered program made possible through funding from the General Assembly and with the cooperation of Pennsylvania postsecondary institutions and employers.

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