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Become a SMART BORROWER! is a FREE interactive tool where you can create up to four different scenarios to see how your career and college choices may affect how much you pay for college and if you are at risk for over borrowing.

Not sure where you want to go to school or what career you want to pursue? No problem — will be your guide so you can get an idea of how college and career choice affect your chances of over borrowing.

The 5 Tips for Smart Borrowing

  • 1. Research your expected salary in your future career, find an affordable school, and borrow realistically.
  • 2. Research job availability in your chosen field, before selecting your major.
  • 3. Consider all types of financial aid carefully.
  • 4. Educate yourself on the many loan options available before borrowing.
  • 5. Inconsistent or untimely loan repayment could affect your future.

NOTE: The values shown in this tool are only estimates. They are based on national averages and the information you enter.

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