Pennsylvania Student Aid Guide

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Our Pennsylvania Student Aid Guide is free for you and your students. Use this guide to:

  • Help counsel students and families about the federal financial aid process.
  • Find information on all Pennsylvania-specific financial aid programs.
  • Talk about financial aid at college fairs, financial aid nights, classroom presentations, student and parent meetings, and more.

Spread the Word

  • Email a link to the guide (PDF) to your students and families.
  • Place a link to the guide (PDF) on your school's homepage.
  • Set up the guide as the default homepage on a computer in your office or in the library.
  • Keep copies on hand in the guidance office.

Get the Guide Today!

We offer the Pennsylvania Student Aid Guide in three different formats:

Spanish Student Aid Guide

We are happy to offer a Spanish version of our Pennsylvania Student Aid Guide.

Supporting Content

Financial Aid Night Toolkit

Our toolkit is designed to help you host a financial aid event.