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Table of Contents

Free Student Financial Aid Resources - Page 3

Planning for Higher Ed - Page 4

How Much Will It Co$t? - Page 7

  • Annual Tuition and Fees
  • Room & Board, Books and Supplies
  • Student budget worksheet
  • Net Price Calculator

Applying for Financial Aid - Page 10

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®)
  • How to File the FAFSA
  • IRS Data Retrieval Tool
  • Reapply for Aid Each Year
  • After You File the FAFSA
The Pennsylvania Student Aid Guide includes a complete overview of the financial aid process with information on most of Pennsylvania's financial aid programs and services. You may qualify for free money, like grants and scholarships, or work-study programs that allow you to earn money to help cover your education costs. And, if you need additional help paying for your education, there are loans available for both students and parents.
NOTE: If changes were made to federal and state aid programs since this publication was printed, updates are available at