PHEAA's State Grant Application Now Linked Directly from FAFSA®

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Pennsylvania financial aid applicants have one-stop shop for federal and state aid

Harrisburg, PA (January 26, 2011)—The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) announced that their online Pennsylvania State Grant Form can be accessed directly from the FAFSA® on the Web. Applicants can access the FAFSA at either or Students who have already submitted their FAFSA will need to visit Account Access through the Secure Sign-In at to complete their State Grant Form.

To qualify for a need-based Pennsylvania State Grant, applicants must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a State Grant Form (SGF) which collects additional data elements not requested on the federal application. The SGF is only required for first-time State Grant applicants.

In addition to the Pennsylvania State Grant, the FAFSA determines eligibility for federal grants, work-study programs, reduced-cost federal student loans, many school-based student aid programs, and other scholarships.

When applicants complete the FAFSA on the Web and indicate Pennsylvania residency, they will be offered an optional link that asks if they would like to complete the SGF. Those who click through will be moved directly to the online SGF. Previously, applicants needed to access the form separately through

"This new capability makes completing the financial aid process more convenient for students," said PHEAA Board Chairman Representative William F. Adolph. "Students, parents and families have many things to think about while planning their higher education. Anything that we can do to simplify the application process will be a great benefit."

The FAFSA connection to the SGF is available only the first time that a student completes the FAFSA and is not available through the FAFSA corrections process. Students who do not choose to complete the SGF at the same time as their initial FAFSA will receive an email directing them to Account Access at to complete the SGF. For students who do not provide a valid email address, PHEAA will be communicating via traditional postal service.

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