Representative William Adolph and Senator Sean Logan Re-Elected to Lead PHEAA Board

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Reforms under board leadership continue to produce positive results

Harrisburg, PA (February 25, 2010) - The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) announced today that Representative William F. Adolph and Senator Sean Logan have been re-elected to chair and vice-chair the PHEAA Board of Directors for the fourth consecutive year.

Representative Adolph has represented Delaware County’s 165th Legislative District since 1989. He serves as the minority Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and as a member of the House Rules Committee. He was appointed to the PHEAA Board in 2001, serving as a member of the Board’s Executive Committee from 2003 through 2006.

“The efficiencies and reforms that this Board has instituted over the past three years have saved millions of dollars for PHEAA while helping it to serve Pennsylvania citizens more effectively,” said Adolph. “Working with the other dedicated members of the Board of Directors, we will continue to guide the Agency forward; meeting the challenges of today’s evolving student aid industry and strengthening the ability of our students to achieve a higher education.”

During Adolph’s tenure as Board Chairman, PHEAA has overcome many challenges. The Agency has also successfully realigned and expanded its business model to better adapt to a changing student loan marketplace. This is due to many business and accountability initiatives, including the establishment of the strictest business travel and expense reimbursement policy of any Commonwealth organization, an aggressive cost-cutting campaign and effectively securing a new contract to service the nation’s growing federal student loan portfolio.

The PHEAA Board of Directors also re-elected Senator Sean Logan (D-Plum) as Vice Chairman of the Board.

“While facing the most difficult economic environment in decades, PHEAA has remained focused on its core mission – providing affordable access to higher education for Pennsylvania students,” noted Logan. “I commend the Board and employees of PHEAA for recognizing the need for change and making the many sacrifices to continue operating for the benefit of Pennsylvania taxpayers.”

Senator Logan has represented Allegheny County’s 45th Legislative District since 2001. He serves as the minority Chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee and as a member of the Senate Appropriations, Senate Rules and Executive Nominations, and Senate Democratic Policy Committees. Logan was appointed to the PHEAA Board of Directors in 2004.  

While Representative Adolph and Senator Logan agree that PHEAA has overcome many obstacles and reform challenges, much work remains to be done to ensure that the Agency is best positioned to respond to pending federal student loan legislation and the expected significant growth in servicing volume under the new federal contract.

PHEAA is also pleased to announce that the following Members have been elected to serve on its Executive Committee:

Senator Robert M. Tomlinson (R-Bensalem) – Chairman
Representative James R. Roebuck, Jr. (D-Philadelphia) – Vice Chairman
Senator Vincent J. Hughes (D-Philadelphia)
Representative Sandra J. Major (R-Montrose)
Honorable Roy Reinard (Holland)
Honorable A. William Schenck, III (Pittsburgh)