Below are the servicing reports for the VRDN Trusts (Tax-Exempt). These reports detail interest rates and results over the
quarter(s) indicated for the multiple series contained within these lists.

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VRDN Redemption Notices

1988A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163AF6)

1988B VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163AG4)

1988C VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163BF5)

1988E VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163BH1)

1994A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163BJ7)

1995A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163BL2)

Additional Reports

1997A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163BM0)

1999A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163BT5)

Additional Reports

2000A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163BU2)

2001A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163CG2)

2001B VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163CL1)

2002A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163CM9)

2002B VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163CQ0)

2003A VRDN Report (Cusip numbers = 709163DN6 & 709163DP1)

2006A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163GE3)

2007A VRDN Report (Cusip Number 709163HC6)

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